Instagram Strategy in 60 mins a day

Get strategic and grow an engaged following on Instagram in less than an hour a day.

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Instagram in One Hour A Day?


You’re busy. It’s fair to say that wasting time is not part of your business plan.  However, it is safe to say that social media marketing is (and always should be) part of it. 

But, what if you’re already spread thin with all the other tasks required to run your business?

We know the struggle of time efficiency. We feel it every, single day. And Instagram™ content takes a lot of effort to create, edit, and publish.

So, we asked ourselves, if we only had ONE hour per day to dedicate to Instagram™, what would we do? What would absolutely need to get done? What activities don’t “move-the-needle” and are unnecessary?

This meant creating a DATA-DRIVEN Instagram™ strategy. And one that incorporates a proven approach to grow an engaged following of ideal customers.

We think we came up with something pretty special. In fact, it’s exactly what we’re going to use as part of our own Instagram™ strategy

If you’re a small business owner who:

  Is new to Instagram™ business marketing and doesn’t know where to start

  Wants to spend as little time on Instagram™ marketing as possible

  Only has 60-mins per day to dedicate to Instagram™

  Wants to eliminate guesswork and use a step-by-step checklist

  Is unsure how to use data to guide their Instagram™ strategy


… then we think you’ll love this (completely free) guide! Fill out the form below and click “send” to get instant access.


– Sam and Chris

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