The Who, What & Why  

Completely overwhelmed with marketing your business?

You’re in the right place. 

Hi, I’m Christina!

I’m the founder of Freshly Marketed. Your concerns about how to get customers, vanish here.

Pull up a seat and grab one of my melt-in-your-mouth pastries. Please don’t mind the dog fur (or toddler prints) on my yoga pants.

Freshly Marketed was created to help solopreneurs and small businesses master marketing strategy and words.

Here are just some of the possibilities that arise when you do : 

Less time – and stress – spent trying to find new customers every month.

Fill more appointment slots (we see you private practice owners!)… and start a waitlist for your services.

Bring in more $$$ (psst. this isn’t a bad thing to want)

Less time and money wasted on marketing strategies to grow your business that deliver lackluster results.

Are we a good fit?

You should hire someone who is a good match for your business. So, here’s what we are all about, speed-dating style:


Quality over Quantity

We believe in doing less, but doing it better and much more effectively. 

You can’t be world-class at everything and still have time to eat and sleep.  When you use high quality marketing activities and messages with purpose to grow your business, it makes other stuff unnecessary.

We crunch numbers and do research that you may not have thought of,  to help you figure out what marketing avenues will make the biggest difference. And we help you become good at them.



Marketing should always be honest and ethical. But, it’s gotten a bad rap these days ( just like carbs!)

We avidly believe in marketing to get great products/services into the hands of people who want or need them… instead of tricking people, like that TV show Catfish.

You can open people’s hearts and wallets by showing off the value of your service/product and communicating how it will make people’s life better (even if it’s just in some small way!).



The Marketing Sweet Spot = Effective Strategy + Precise Messages + A Little Personality. 

We like brands (and people) who are professional, customer-centric, and aren’t afraid to show off their sparkling personalities.

People prefer to buy from people. Not faceless businesses.

This is especially important for small business owners. You just don’t have the same amount of $$$ as larger corporations to throw at marketing. So, attract people using the compelling parts of your personality or brand voice.

Meet the Team

Just like a farm, this isn’t a one-person operation. Here are our bios (in fewer characters than an Instagram caption).



Christina spent 6+ years in Europe. Originally there to play hockey she fell in love with marketing along the way. She’s worked  in marketing departments (wearing hats such as Head of Marketing) of some pretty big names… think Sociable, Amazon Web Services, and Mywalit. 

Aside from helping her team win some noteworthy awards, she’s also responsible for increasing website traffic by up to 70% in one month, rebranding a luxury fashion line, and drafting international content. 

She has lived in Paris, Oxford, and Stockholm. She recently moved back to Ontario, Canada with her husband and son, Henry (who may be part giant – because he is massive for a toddler!).

Impressive Thing She Can’t Include on her Resume: She is extremely good at driving in Paris (if you’ve tried, you know). 


Degree in Psychology and Communications , Degree in English, SEO Academy, Google Learn Digital – Digital Marketing   


Head of IT

Because everybody needs a little help from tech-savvy folks once in a while. You probably won’t get to meet Daniel as his role is more behind-the-scenes. 

But, every time you use our website or your project work is delivered you can be sure that he’s the magician making sure everything is running smoothly and being backed-up in a timely manner.

Fun Fact: Daniel is a farm boy from Saskatchewan who left for the bright lights of Paris to earn his PhD.

Why Freshly marketed?

The name Freshly Marketed is a nod to the large role that food plays in my life. I lived in Europe for many years and enjoyed the food just as much as traveling. The name also reflects how I approach marketing… with a fresh and wholesome perspective.

Plus, it gives me an excuse to use a lot of food puns! 

Want to spend less time stressing about how to get your next customer?

Book a free, no-pressure call with us to see what we can do to help you. (We promise we will be nothing like those creepy, commission-based sales people that tell you something looks good when it doesn’t).